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I am an ASE Certified Master Tech, having been in the automobile service industry for 29 yrs. I am self employed, and work with my wife in our own shop. I spend a large portion of my work week performing diagnostics and repairs for not just my regular customers but for other shops, including several dealerships. I have found that in order to serve my customers to the best of my abilities, that the aftermarket scan tools fall slightly short of the mark. So while I have the Snap-On MT2500, and the Vetronix Mastertech, and keep them up to date as much as reasonable to help cover soft spots in manufaturer coverage, I also have bought the factory scan tools for the most popular vehicles that I service. The factory tools that I have are a TechII for GM, DRBIII for Chrysler, NGS for Ford, Vedis for all of the European makes that I service, and my Mastertech is the factory tool for Toyota, and Honda up through 2003. Currently I have full O.E software (2005) for GM, and Chrysler. 2004 O.E coverage for Ford and Toyota. 2003 O.E. for Honda excluding immobilizer. Plus O.E level coverage for Mercedes, BMW, Volvo, Audi/VW, Porsche, and varying levels of support for virtually everything else ranging from near O.E. to only generic OBDII in some cases.

I am a two time NAPA ASE Tech of the Year for the Carrollton Ohio distribution area.

In 1986 I recieved my second GM Master Technician award, and took first place in the nation under Buick Motor Division on a written head to head exam. This awarded me a seat on the 1986 Master Technician Advisory Council

I am a memeber of the Beaver County Vo-tec craft advisory board.

I am on the board of directors for PRARA, and Western Pa. Emissions review board. I took part in the EPA's work shop for the implementation, and design of the OBDII on board testing.

I am a sponsoring member of the iATN, and have several published articles in trade magazines, as well as contributing input to an article in Automobile (AUG2000)

I live in: United States

My zone is: Western Pa.

My favorite forum 1 is Cars.

First registered on May 31, 2001 .