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I'm a gardening fool that loves tropical plants and experimenting with various methods of plant cloning and cultivation. I'm currently working with many Passiflora's, Brugmansia's and many misc. bedding plant's.
I'm an "Enabled" gardener and I must use a wheelchair to get around due to a car accident, I'm now a paraplegic.
That hasn't slowed me down much at all but the mud and our lime/fieldstone boarder's present a challenge. I'm always looking for people that want to share/swap or trade plant genetics whether it be in seed form or cuttings. I'm always game for sharing my experience and learning other techniques from fellow gardener's. I'm also an active member at Dave's Garden website. I hope to meet and make many more friends here too.
I have experience with hydroponics, aquaponics, bioponics although I no longer have any of those systems running at the moment. I've used these kinds of systems for many years in many applications. Currently, I'm concentrating on many various methods of propagation on exotics and tropicals. This the only way I can afford to have many garden beds filled up with a wide variety of plants. Having to purchase these annually would be impossible with out cloning. For example, I just bought 5 differnt coleus cultivars that I have cut into hundreds of cuttings. By spring I will have turned these 5 plants into enough to border everything and give them to friends etc.. More to come

I live in: United States

My zone is: 5

First registered on March 21, 2005 .