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I have moved into an older home with neglected beds and overgrown shrubs. Nothing that was already here here seemed happy except the Nandina and weeds! After a few years of taming the landscape, I am ready to start adding new plants.

Established plants healthy enough for cutting include: Gardenia, Nandina (seedlings sometimes available), Grape vine (grapes on now), Crepe Myrtle (deep pink), Magnolia (seedlings usually available), several unidentified roses, Liriope, Rose of Sharon (pink and white, produced a few seedlings), Hydrangea (Nikko blue and French), English Ivy (extremely prolific and accustomed to sun), several unidentified varieties of Azalea, Morning Glory (white), and Honeysuckle.

Since moving in, I have planted only sparingly so far. The first year I planted a pink Dogwood to replace a massive one that had perished by lightning strike several years before. It has yet to bloom, but has had its best growing season ever this year, so my hopes for spring are high! I have also created a daylily bed from unnamed hybrids obtained from my mother and Nana. These have done very well, particularly my Nana's double orange, although none produced seeds until this year. I have also been given a few varieties of Iris, which were divided this year and have seed pods on now.

Potted up and going into the ground this fall are several small Butterfly bushes (Dark Knight, Nanho purple, and Attraction pink), three PG Hydrangeas, and two volunteer Crepe Myrtles from my grandmother (colors unknown!). She also gave me some cuttings from her Brown Turkey fig and my fingers are crossed that at least one will root!

Plants I would like to add include Blueberry bushes, Sweetspire, Hummingbird or Trumpet vine, Lavender, Salvia, Bee Balm, Butterfly weed or Milkweed, Loropetalum, Ajuga, Citronella, Sedum, and other fragrant perennials to attract butterflies or repel mosquitos. I would also like to diversify my daylily and hydrangea specimens.

I don't have much for trade right now as I am pretty much starting this yard over, but I should have at least a few unnamed Daylily hybrid seeds available once the pods ripen. My Ivy has mounded several feet deep and has prolific growth every year, and my Gardenia roots readily in water. I also have plenty of Liriope to spare.

My yard includes lots of full sun and part shade areas and year-round flowing water in a tiny stream.

I live in: United States

My zone is: 8a

First registered on August 02, 2013 .