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I have 3 Rhode Island Reds, 4 Ameraucanas, 2 Labs and 1 husband.

I purchased my first hens in October, 2006 to keep as pets and for their eggs. My inspiration for getting chickens was an old shed on my propery that either needed to be repaired and used for something or torn down. I chose to repair it and use it as a coop. My future chicken goal is to breed Speckled Sussex. I’d like to learn about and work with a rarer breed and I love the Speckles.

I live in Hunterdon County, NJ. I have approximately five acres which I have divied up into various sections. The house and gardens are on approx 1 acre, 1 acre is wooded, the chickens get 1/2 acre, 1 acre this spring will be used for corn, watermelons and pumpkins and in the last field I am going to try growing various cereal grains next year. I have a lot more research to do on that. My other main focus this year is on organic gardening.

Some day I would like to become a true farmer and be able to live off of what I can grow and raise and possibly sell enough to make ends meet. Until then I will continue to be a Bookkeeper and save up to build my little log cabin on a few hundred acres in the middle of nowhere.

Thank you to all the forum members for your help, advice and sharing your personal experiences. Through them, I have learned so much and feel confident that I could handle a lot of situations that I’m sure will arise.

See you on the forum!

I live in: United States

My zone is: 6

First registered on November 12, 2006 .