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I like to garden traditionally using native plants 99% of the time. We also incorporate edible plants into our landscape (which is shaded and vertical, so that's tougher than it ought to be). I try to plant species that will provide habitat and/or forage for birds, bugs and other critters, while at the same time pleasing the humans around. When I'm not putting something new in, I'm spending time eradicating garlic mustard, japanese akebia, japanese honeysuckle, english ivy, vinca and other invasives.

I am also an active birdwatcher and birdfeeder, as is my husband. Our six-year-old son is beginning to take a real interest in birds, and we are enjoying taking him birding. He loves to get his "lifers," by which he means new behaviors, poses, etc., not just species!

This year is our fifth summer in the house, and the gardens are really coming along. We now have lots of small mammals and amphibians in the yard, and are up over 45 on the yard bird list. All this, within 12 miles of Philadelphia!

I live in: United States

My zone is: z6 PA

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My favorite forum 2 is Bird Watching.

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