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"this year I will make real compost." 2003

well, its 2004, and I did not make "real" compost last year. I am still just piling up leaves, straw, hay, grass clippings, and whatever else comes my way, poking my kitchen scraps in with a sharp stick, and planting in the decomposing heaps. I really meant to do better. I did make a container of almost real compost using Canada goose droppings and straw, but I could not resist using it in one of my heaps before it was truly done.

I have a yard full of sweet peas, hollyhocks, blackberry, wild rose, honeysuckle, spiderwort, violets, lemonbalm, catmint, and spearmint that seem content in my Tennessee clay. I coddle vegetables and annuals in my heaps and grow a jungle of houseplants on the porch. Garden life is good.

....but I would like to make real compost, just once, to prove that I can do it.

2005 the inmates are running the asylum

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