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I love the Garden Web site. I have done a lot of trading with very few problems. I love any plants that are tropical looking, but survive in non-tropical settings. I’m in zone 7b and I love hardy palms and would love to have more than what I have. I am looking for those palms in the Trachycapus genus or Butia capitata palms for they have proven to be able to survive here very well. If you happen to have Musa Basjoo bananas, BY ALL MEANS CONTACT ME......I’M INTERESTED IN THOSE VERY MUCH AND I DON’T HAVE THEM YET!!!

Matter of fact, if I don’t have a semi-hardy tropical plant listed, I’m probably interested in it. As long as it can take high heat and humidity. I love the look of the tropics, but don’t live in a tropical area. I also am very fond of colorful cannas, bamboos, and any other hardy bananas too...like Musa basjoo (listed above) and the Chinese Yellow banana that are both supposed to be able to take the cold.

I do enjoy doing large trades too for trading for one plant is expensive and usually higher in price than just buying it locally. If it is one of the palms I mentioned above, I’ll do it for sure, but if it is for something I can obtain here, I’d rather do trades that consist of several plants. It’s more fun (and work) that way.

Take a look at my trade page and some things may not be list that I have for I have so many things, and the same goes for the wants. I forget some of the things I have and am always open to suggested trades from anyone. Heck, I ultimately plan on filling the yard with plants. I’m making a small jungle. Ha ha!!!! Write me anytime if you are interested in a trade. I’m usually game.
I do have a water garden too and currently have lots of water plants available.

Thanks for checking out my page.

I live in: United States

My zone is: 7b NC

First registered on June 23, 2001 .