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I am a serious gardener with a fairly small garden in Central New Jersey. My gardens style is best described as eclectic Victorian/Tropical. While my garden space is small, the plants I grow tend to be very large and tropical looking.

My garden currently includes Canna musifolia, Brugmansia varieties, Datura metaloides, Amaranthus 'Love Lies Bleeding", Pineapple lilies, Canna 'Praetoria' and 'Australia' and three or four Amorphophallus species. Among the few perennials I have are Tradescanta anersoniana "Sweet Kate", Platycodon (Balloon flower), a selection of sedums, hardy Geraniums, miniature hostas and and Ajugas.

I have a small pond (less than 200 gallons), and have a small quantity of desireable hardy aquatis available occasionally, including Sagitaria "Flore-Plena" (double flowers), a miniature unnamed water lily and hardy parrot's feather.

My indoor plant interests include Sansevieria, Dorstenia, some small Euphorbias from Madagascar, and Euphorbia milli Thai hybrids I brought back from a trip to Thailand.

I am interested in large tropical-looking plants that can be easily overwintered in Zone 6 in-ground, or in a cool basement, or as seed. I am especially interested in large, fast growing annuals with large leaves (like Castor Beans).
Another recent interest is tropical bulbs - anything from scillia to hippeastrum. I have a small collection of primary crosses of cybister amaryllis, cyrtanthus, lycoris, nerine, zepheranthus, scadoxus, lachenellia and Crinum that I am seriously looking to expand.

I live in: United States

My zone is: z6 NJ

First registered on September 10, 2001 .