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My husband, Jim, and I have taken huge tractor tires to make raised beds. He used his chain saw to cut out the side walls. Since we have sheep, we have plenty of manure for them. We also have a canoe rental business which keeps us from gardening as much as we want, so the raised beds help. We went to the newspaper office and got a truck load of old newspaper and put it several sections thick under the tires, and then covered this with a good ground cover.(before placing the tires down). Then we took old hay from the barn (grass clippings would do the same) and covered the ground cover with them. Jim sunk metal poles in the center of the tires about 8' high, and attached old bicycle wheels...from the dump....on top. Then we tie string from the wheels to the tires, into prepared holes in the edge ( by using a drill) to let climbing beans, cukes, and such climb. It is much easier to clean out 1 tire, pulling weeds, etc, than a whole row. We have found by poking tiny holes in about 4 places in the bottom corners of milk jugs, and setting then evenly spaced inside the tires we can water the tires with a hose, filling jugs. The slow drip lets the water soak in as it goes out. It is also a good way to add manure tea. We have found that if you cut out the very top of the jug and add manure, every time you water, the plants get manure tea. Hope someone else can use these ideas.

For the past 3 years we have hosted plant swaps at our campground on the Buffalo River. These are so much fun, and we look forward to every one...and they started by someone asking on GW where they could have a plant swap. We have had people from TN, KY, AL, MS, IN, WV, KS,and even Long Island! at these swaps. Y'all come and visit us, you will be welcome, and you will never meet anyone as friendly as the people that come to them. I can promise you, you will go away with some wonderful plants...probably more than you came with, and a lot of new friends.

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