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Im 45, an attorney. I have curly dark hair and freckles and I went to college with Brad Pitt. I worked at Southern Living Magazine for a short time and know that in order to keep the pineapple rings looking fresh and non-runny in the photographs, one should cut out a little circle from a paper plate and place each ring individually on the paper ring on the plate. I do not go to the gym, but kiss my husband in the morning before he goes. I was an Air Force brat raised in a series of nondescript suburban ranch homes, and have rebelled by picking a town (Birmingham, AL) and staying here, first in glorious 1920s homes and now in a bangin' MCM.

I have been married since 2002 to my darling husband, whom I am sure was some other girls high school sweetheart, but Ive got him now. Hes a computer goober, and the dad of three and "Pawpaw" of two (with one on the way). No kids of my own, but this bunch should keep me busy for a while. Always complicating matters is an Akita/Border Collie mix named Kato.

When we are not obsessing over the house, we enjoy antiquing, looking at nifty cars we cant afford, and playing music. I bought DH a tenor sax before we married and he started playing again after a 30-year hiatus. I have been playing horn since I was ten, and make some money on the side doing so. We also play in some community groups -- its nice to have something in common besides the house! DH is a charismatic tenor sax player from Arkansas, but I dont anticipate having any of the usual problems apparently so inherent with the breed.

I live in: United States

My zone is: Alabama

My favorite forum 1 is Home Decorating.

My favorite forum 2 is Kitchens.

First registered on March 04, 2003 .