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I have been trying to grow Cslla lilies in my garden, among other things. I moved to Adelaide 2 years ago, to a garden which is not only very slopy, but was full of 3rd or 4th generation weeds. The clay soil is a bit of a challenge, too.

After a lot of weeding, etc., I now have quite a lot of Green Arum lilies, so if anyone wants one, let me know.

I have Silky oaks and a wattle, all of which have seeds and seedlings.

I have also quite a few bromeliads in pots. I don't know much about bromeliads, but these have a variety of pretty flowers, and they keep having babies, too.

Unfortunately, my dogs seem to like the soil I use for pot plants, so they eat the soil from around the plants, whenever they get the chance. I have tried to put the pots up high, but they won't all fit, and one of the dogs is a Briard-rather tall, and senile. Any ideas? Apart from euthanasia, please.

I have several Hoyas, which have generously given me cuttings, too. A pale pink, a red, and one with dark, dark red flowers, covered by a silvery fur.

I am a bit at sea, with some of the botanical names, and am discovering major faults with my meagre plant book library.

I have plants, referred to as "elephants' ears", which are dark green and lush-looking. One of these has just flowered, and I discover that the flower is much like an Arum, but pointier, and green. These also have lots of babies.

I am more than happy to share any spares of any plants I have with anyone who wants one.

I live in: United States

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