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I enjoy the glimmer in people’s eyes when you let slip that you are a gardening nut. You have that instant bond with them and can go totally off subject as you delve into each other’s gardening worlds. I just had this experience at a business meeting. I looked down and noticed my nails were chipped and ragged. I joked that I couldn’t resist digging in the cold dirt last night to get some pots ready. I looked up and this businessperson was grinning. She was one of us too.
I came to the joy of gardening late. I am an urban dweller who had too many rental plots. When I bought my own home my sister and father - the experts - took it upon themselves to get me started with lots of divided plants and seedlings they started. I’ve been doing my own thing for the five years I’ve been in my home now.

My home is in the city. A small hillside in the front receives full sun. A large hillside in the backyard is
full to partial shade. I am developing this hillside from
it’s coverage of ivy. I am also trying to create something in the small sliver between my house and my very close neighbor.

I live in: United States

My zone is: z7

My favorite forum 1 is Garden Junk.

My favorite forum 2 is Gardening with Kids.

First registered on April 08, 2003 .