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I googled "I lost my Mom" and got the "Thathomesite" web page with Wendy's post of losing her mother. I so desperately miss my Mom. I linked onto "Thathomesite" because it mentioned gardening also, which I love. So I thought it was "meant for me!" ha ha. I loved reading all about other people's experiences about exactly what I was feeling and going through. Even poor "oddtree's" battle with the new woman after 10 days. ( at least my Dad waited 2 full weeks, which he will swear was a full month! haha) Anyway. So I thought I'd try it. As you can see I'm not an experienced "poster." It took me a minute to figure out what MIL and FIL were, and there was another that I never did figure out. But at least I knew what LOL was! I was proud of that. As for my garden, oh boy! I've still got the green peppers and the japanesse eggplant coming. The beefsteaks have slowed, but I'm hoping that they will have another run with this recent heat.

Oh, by the way my Mom's name was Candy. So IloveCandy was taken. So I used the last inital of her maiden name "S". ilovecandys. That's me.

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