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Welcome!...Im Jem,from Kent in SE England.Have been reading this forum for a year&half and have finally plucked up the courage to join,incase I feel the urge to say something.I must say theres a lot of passionate and experienced people here so Ill always bow to their superior knowledge.Ive learnt everything from you guys!
The story so far...It all started in autumn 2008,was stopped in my tracks at a garden centre by a bright pink tree.WOW! thought I,didnt know this was possible(it was a fairly mature Beni Otaki)
Spring 2009 after reading up,bought my first Jms,put them straight into full sun.Two of them didnt like it,two burnt at first,and one didnt flinch.For this reason I'd always recommend Beni-Schichihenge for a first time buyer wanting something a little different.
Here I am,a year&half later,suddenly with 27 cultivars,something bit me ha ha....guess Ive been lucky as they all pretty much do what it says on the tin
Biggest surprises..the much maligned Taylor,though early days,has kept bright pink leaves all year...and Orange Dream...put off buying this one as so common,but has the brightest fiery red fall colour of all my maples(having doubts if OD now)
Biggest disappointment..my Osakazukis..dont grow...though local nurseryman says he HAS to use bark with this one..so thats arranged for next year.
Favourite..well at the moment,Ukigomo in spring,but theyre all still young,so...
Next on the agenda..propagation this winter,Im all set up to try seeds and grafting..should be an experience ha ha.
Theres some photos of a few of my little babies here,if youre bored...


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