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I've taken up edible gardening again after a long period of not doing it. As my user name suggests, hot habanero peppers are my most successful crop! But I grow lots of other things as well. My 2014 grow list looks like this:

Orange habaneros
Caribbean red habaneros (new)
Tabasco peppers (new)
Orange bell peppers (new)
California Wonder bell peppers (new)
5 color Chinese peppers (new)
Mortgage lifter tomatoes (new)
Azoychka tomatoes (new)
Green zebra tomatoes (new)
Royal burgundy bush beans
Bronze D'Amposta Onion (new)
Cosmic Purple carrot (new)
Danvers carrot
Waltham broccoli
Bloomsdale longstanding spinach
Wild rocket arugula
Black mustard greens (new)
Tender green mustard (new)
Giant curled Southern mustard greens (new)
American green pineapple melon (new)
Ozark beauty strawberries
Fuji apples
Granny Smith apples
Belle of Georgia peaches
Earliblue blueberries
Slo bolt cilantro
Elephant Dill
Hot spicy oregano
Greek oregano
Genovese basil
German thyme
Common thyme (new)
Purple leaf sage
Common sage (new)
Catalogno parsley (new)
Chives (new)

I live in: United States

My zone is: 7a Central MD

First registered on August 14, 2013 .