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I bought a house with Japanese honeysuckle growing all over the yard, mixed in with vinca. The stuff has created a dense mat of vines several inches thick. It's a great plant if you want a tenacious survivor to withstand a mudslide, I suppose, but it's been impossible to remove. Tried pulling and digging but you can't leave even a piece of root. Now resorting to special poison for woody plants (Round-Up barely made it sick). I just saw the stuff for sale at a nursery and thought to myself, "They are selling pure trouble." The previous owners were fairly indiscriminate about plant material and I also have a running battle with a running bamboo.

I love just about everything else. I grow avocados (a Hass and a Reid), Fuji, Gala, and White Winter Pearmain apples (the latter isn't very good and have top grafted it to Fuji), and several pluots grafted on one rootstock (tricky to get good fruit). Used to grow tomatoes but not much luck in recent years (viruses). Grow shallots with abundant success, and lettuce when I remember. As you can tell, I like to grow food plants but getting more into landscaping. Just got a Murraya paniculata and rooting cuttings for a hedge. I love California, and am a returned native who grew up "back East" as we say.

I live in: United States

My zone is: Irvine CA

First registered on May 23, 2004 .