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I live near Portland, Oregon. I bought my second home with a 1/2 acre yard that was very neglected four years ago. Our house is great, and eventually will be everything we have dreamed of, but for now we can only afford to do a little work at a time.
I have spent the last four summers cleaning the yard up and clearing out ivy and blackberry bushes in the back part of our property that was not fenced in. Last winter we lost the fence separating our "manicured" yard from what we call the jungle. My project for this summer is to join the two using a some natural transitioning. I plan to plant an entire hill with hostas (which I collect). We also have chickens whom we call the ladies. They are so much fun to watch and care for. Along with them we have our two Boston Terriers Howie and Harvey. They are great dogs.
My husband is not a yard person, but helps me a little. My user name is for my little Boston Terrier, Homer who passed away in 2002. Homer loved to be in the yard while I gardened.
I have a son who loves to be out in the yard, and is in the process of rebuilding his fort that was destroyed by fallen tree. My daughter is four and loves to help me water and play in the mud. We started a worm bin about a year ago and have fun with that!
Our home is about two blocks from where my husband and I teach. We have a pool and entertain A LOT. Our yard is coming together bit by bit and we anticipate spending a lot more time in it this summer with the loss of pay in our school district!

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