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Just a girl raised in Hawaii, transplanted to Ohio 13 years ago. Wow, how time flies! I’ve always lived in an apartment, so I’ve haven’t had a garden. Now I live in the country (sub-division) so I have limited gardening space but dived in completely. What a joy! I’m a Master Gardener for my county and a volunteer dog walker/cat cuddler for my local humane society. I still think the best way to learn about gardening is from the experience of others and not all from books. So thus, joining this forum. I hope to learn & share from this forums members. My father was a great gardener back in Hawaii and focused on exotic fruit trees. I hope to find a mentor here in the states. And away we go!

I garden pesticide and herbicide free. I believe in "some for me & some for the insects & animals". If it doesn’t grow in my micro world, why fight mother nature, plant something else. All plants are grown from seed, unless given to me by the generosity of my gardening friends. Please excuse the spelling!

My small grown from seed or bulb garden includes (NOT FOR TRADE, SEE MY LIST FOR TRADE PLEASE):
----Perennials & Biennials:
Archillea Millefolium, ‘Cerise Queen’ (Yarrow)
Archillea Millefolium, ‘Paprika’ (Yarrow)
Archillea sp., -silver foliage, yellow flower (Yarrow)
Agastache foeniculum, (Anise Hyssop)
Aegopodium podagraria, ’Variegatum’ (Bishopsweed, Snow on the Mountain)
Alcea rosea nigra, ’The Watchman’ (Hollyhock)
Alcea rosea, ’Charters Mix’ (Hollyhock), -double
Alcea rosea, ’Singlex Mix’ (Hollyhock)
Aquilegia vulgaris, ’Barlow Mix’ (Columbine)
Aquilegia sp., -purple (Columbine)
Armeria pseudarmeria, ’Joystick Lilac’
Artemisia ludoviciana, ’Silver King’ (Wormwood)
Artemisia schmidtiana, ’Silver Mound’ (Wormwood)
Artemisia stelleriana, (Wormwood, Dusty Miller)
Baptisia australis, (False Indigo)
Campanula glomerata
Campanula punctata, ‘Wedding Bells’
Campanula cochlearifolia, ’Elizabeth Oliver’
Campanula persicfolia, -white, purple
Cerastium tomentosum, (Snow in Summer)
Chrysanthemum sp., -burgundy
Clematis terniflora, ’Sweet Autumn’
Coreopsis grandiflora, ’Early Sunrise’
Chrysanthemum maximum, ‘Shasta Daisy’
Daisy, Prarie Daisy-yellow
Delphenium elatum, ’Blue Bird’
Delphenium grandiflora, ’Blue Butterfly’
Delphenium belladona, ’Cliveden Beauty’
Delphehium, Pacific Giant Hybrid, ’Blue Knight’
Dianthus sp., -pale pink
Dianthus barbatus, -pink, white, hot pink, dark pink
Digitalis purpurea, ‘Foxy Mix’
Digitalis sp., apricot
Digitalis grandiflora, -yellow
Echinacea purpurea, ’White Swan’
Echinacea sp, -purple
Euphorbia cyparissias, (Poor man’s evergreen)
Ferns: Onoclea sensibilis, ‘Sensitive Fern’ ,Dryopteris marginalis, ‘Marginal Shield Fern’, Matteuccia struthiopteris, ’Ostrich Fern’
Fibigia clypeata, (Roman Shields)
Hemerocallis fulva (Ditch Lily) -double orange
Hemerocallis x hybrida, ’Stella D’oro’ (Daylily)
Hemerocallis sp., ’Bitsy’ (Daylily)
Geranium pratense v. albiflorum, hardy white
Geranium sp., -pink
Geranium sp., -pink, small leaf variety
Gypsophila paniculata, Baby’s Breath
Hostas, ’Blue Cadet’, ’Gold Drop’& variegated variety
Hyssopus officinalis Lamiaceae (Labiatae)
Iris, BB (Border Bearded):
--‘Pampered Baby’
--‘Pink Reprise’
Iris, IB (Intermediate Bearded):
--’Red Zinger’
Iris, TB (Tall Bearded):
--‘Bye Bye Blues’
--‘Calm Sea’
--‘Caribbean Dreams’
--‘Cinderella’s Coach’
--‘Champagne Elegance’
--‘Cross Current’
--‘Depth of Field’
--‘Glazed Orange’
--‘Gnu Blues’
--‘Honky Tonk Blues’
--‘Hostess Royale’
--‘Ice Cream Treat’
--‘In Town’
--‘Makes Scents’
--‘Orange Jubilee’
--‘Orange Popsicle’
--‘Pacific Bell’
--‘Pacific Destiny’
--‘Ruben Bleu’
--‘Strictly Ballroom’
--‘Pacific Bell’
--‘Art Form’
--‘Noon Siesta’
--‘Hot Gossip’
--’Earl of Essex’
--’After the Dawn’
--’Pink Froth’
--’Champagne Elegance’
Iris siberica:
--‘Caesar’s Brother’
--‘Big Blue’
--‘Blue Velvet’
Kniphofia uvaria, ’Flemenco Red Hot Poker’
Lilac, -purple & white
Lilium, ’Chianti’ (Asiatic Lily)
Lilium, ’Grand Cru’ (Asiatic Lily)
Lilium, ’Menton’ (Asiatic Lily)
Lilium, ’Dancing Eyes’ (Asiatic Lily)
Lilium, ’Luxor’ (Asiatic Lily)
Lilium, ’Renaisse’
Lupinus Polyphyllus, -purple, pink
Lychnis coronaria, (Rose Campion), white, red
Malva sylvestris, -purple
Mirabilis jalapa, (Four O’clocks, Marvel of Peru) -yellow
Monarda Didyma, (Bee Balm), -purple, red
Lavandula angustifolia, ‘Munstead’ (Lavender)
Lavendula intermedia, ‘Provence’ (Lavender)
Liatris spicata, (Gayfeather) -purple
Lysimachia ciliate, ’Firecracker’
Lysimachia punctata, Yellow Loosestrife
Nepeta sp., (Catmint)
Physostegia virginiana, (Obedient plant, False Dragonhead) -purple, white
Oenothera tetragona, (Sundrops)
Papaver nudicaule, (Iceland Poppy)
Peonies, bush variety, white
Salvia argentia
Scabiosa columbaria, ’Butterfly Blue’
Scabiosa ochroleuca, -cream colored
Scabiosa columbaria, -white, pink
Sedum telephium, ’Autumn Joy’
Sedum spp., -creeping (Stonecrop)
Sedum spectabilis, ‘Frosty Morn’ -variegated white & green
Sedum sp., -variegated yellow & green
Tanacetum parthenium, (Feverfew)
Tanacetum parthenium, (Golden Feverfew)
Verbascum phoeniceum, ‘Violette’ –purple
Veronica longifolia (Long Leaf Speedwell) -purple
Veronica spicata, ’Sightseeing Mix’-white, pink, blue

Ornamental Grasses:
Phalaris arundinacea (Ribbon Grass)
Miscanthus sinensis ’Zebrinus’- Zebra Grass
Miscanthus sinensis ’Gracillimus’ - Maiden Grass
Miscanthus sinensis ’Variegatus’ - Variegated Japanese Silver Grass
Miscanthus sinensis ’Strictus’ - Porcupine Grass

Antirrhinum majus, (Snapdragon) –tall mix
Antirrhinum majus, (Snapdragon)
Cleome hasslerana, (Spider Flower), -pink, purple, white
Helianthus annuus, (Sunflowers) ‘Autumn Beauty’, ‘Aztec Gold’, ‘Lemon Queen’, ‘Teddy Bear’, ‘Vanilla Ice’, ‘Chianti’, ‘Moonwalker’, ‘Double Sun Gold’
Lathyrus odoratus, (Sweet Peas)
Lobularia maritime, (Sweet Alyssum)
Salvia coccinea, ’Coral Nymph’
Annuals grown for drying:
Amaranthus caudatus, ‘Green Thumb’
Gypsophila paniculata, (Baby’s Breath)
Moluccella laevis, (Bells of Ireland)
Celosia spictata, ’Flamingo feather’
Celosia plumosa, ‘Century Rose’
Celosia cristata, (Cockscomb)
Fibigia clypeata, (Roman Shields) (biennial)
Gomphrena globosa
Helichrysum bracteatum, (strawflowers)
Limonium sinuatum, (English Statice)
Nigella damascena, ‘Love in a Mist’

Bulbs, tubers, rhizomes:
Agapanthus africanus, ’Lily of the Nile’
Aflatunense & a. macleanii baker
Allium ‘Gladiator’
Canna, ’Bengal Tiger’
Canna, ’Nirvana’
Canna, ’Princess Di’
Canna, ’Red Dot Lenepe’
Calla Lily
Crocus Vernus, ‘Yellow Mammoth’
Crocus Vernus, ‘Twilight’
Hyacinthus orientalis, (Hyacinths):
‘Gypsy Queen’
‘White Giant, Carnegie’
‘Yellow Queen’
‘Jan Bos’
‘Peter S.’
‘Ann Marie’
‘Delph Blue’
‘City of Harlem’
Iris reticulata
Mertensia virginica, (Bluebells)
Muscari armeniacum
Muscari latifolium
Narcissi: Amstel, Tahiti (Daffodils)
Narcissi Split Corona
Tulip: ’Apricot Beauty’, ’William & Mary’, ’Toronto’, ’Pastel Mix’, ’Princess Irene’, ’Bastogne’, ’Estella Rijnveld’, ’White Emperor’, ’Orange Emperor’, ’Groenland’, ’Abba’
Pheony Tulip: ’Angelique’, ’Peach Mela’

Ardisia crispa, (Coral Berry)
Caladium sp.
Cordyline sp., (Hawaiian Ti Plant)
Chamaedorea sp., (Parlor Palm)
Ficus benjamina
Guzmania lingulata, Bromeliad
Orchids: Oncidium, ’Sharry Baby’, Dendrobium Phalaenopsis, Oncidium
Palagonema sp. (Pewter Plant)
Philogendron sp.
Scindapsus sp. (Pothos)
Spathiphyllum friedrichsthalii, (Peace Lily)

Desert Cactus, Succulents:
Epiphyllum oxypetalum, (Night Blooming Cereus)
Sedum morganianum, (Donkeys Tail)
Kalanchoe pinnata, (Bryophyllum, Air Plant)

Vegetables (from seed, grown in containers only):
Beans: Fava, ’Windsor’,
Pole beans: -green, -yellow
Beets, ‘Lutz Green Leaf’, ‘Tall Top Early Wonder’, ‘Cylindra’
Carrot, ’Short n Sweet’
Collard Greens
Eggplant: ‘Billionaire’, Thai Eggplant-Panda ‘Puangyok’, ‘Eggplant Rosa Bianca’, Eggplant Little Purple Tiger’, ‘Eggplant, Louisiana Long Green’
Tomato’s: yellow ‘Taxi’, heirloom fuzzy ‘Peach’, early ‘Santiam’, ‘Green Zebra’, ‘Striped German’, ‘Big Boy’, ‘Marglobe’, ‘Black Krim’, ’Yellow Brandywine’, ‘Stump of the World’
Cherry tomato: ‘Yellow Pear’, Texas Wild Tomato
Pac Choi
Peppers, ’Carnival Mix’, ‘Grand Bell Mix’
Zucchini ’Fordhook’, ’Black Beauty’, ‘Cocoselle’
Swiss Chard, ’Bright Lights’
Green Onions
Onion, yellow
Green Beans
Yellow Beans
Peas: ‘Early’, ‘Knight’, ‘Wando’, Lotus tetragonolobus, (Asparagus peas)
Potato, yellow, purple, white
Radish, ’White Icicle’, ’Cherry Belle’
Soy Beans: Edemame ’Butterbeans’, ’Black Jet’, ’Envy’
Sugar Snap peas
Summer Squash-yellow
Spaghetti Squash
Lettuce: Bibb, Deer Tongue, Komatsu, Mibuna, Red Oak,
Arugula, Boston

Basil: Holy, Purple, Siam Queen, Lemon, Red & Green, Sweet
Nepeta cataria, (Catnip)
Chives, Garlic, regular
Cymbopogon citratus, Lemon Grass
Nasturtium, Alaska, Jewel
Greek Oregano
Italian Parsley
Shiso: Red, Green

I live in: United States

My zone is: zone 5 Ohio

My favorite forum 1 is Seed Exchange.

My favorite forum 2 is Seed Exchange.

First registered on July 15, 2002 .