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After living in Condos and apartments for about 20 years I finally made the plunge two years ago and bought a house with a yard. I had lived in Japan for almost ten years and could only have a few indoor plants so this has been a very interesting time for me. I have been working on an oriental garden for about a year. I had a cypress tree removed because the knees were starting to encroach on my inground swimming pool as well as my next door neighbor. After it came down I decided to clean the whole area of the tropical vegetation that the previous owner seemed to like. To be honest it was too junglely and I was afraid of snakes :-) So now its almost complete, but I am continuing to add pea gravel to level the area. It is a contrast to the fish pond area next to it which continues to have that tropical look. Because of my like of Oriental things I was drawn to Bonsais. I only have two right now. One I created after going to a bonsai class and the other one I bought. That one is now 8 years old. I plan on putting more of them in the oriental garden.

I live in: United States

My favorite forum 1 is Bonsai.

My favorite forum 2 is Japanese Gardens.

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