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I live on 2 acres in the PNW, and fight lots of weeds- 30 ft blackberry vines, thistles, grasses. In between weeding I grow fruits, nuts, vegetables, and herbs, and have been expanding into lots of different perennials, especially OG roses and daylilies. Since I also have a hefty population of voles, I'm trying to find plants that they don't like to eat to use for landscaping, like irises and geraniums. In other words, I'm a general all-around plant-a-holic. I used to be just into edible landscaping, but I've decided ornamentals have uses also, for beauty, fragrance, and shelter and food for beneficial insects. Take time to smell the roses, carnations, and valerian. A nose by any other name still smells...

I live in: United States

My zone is: z8 PNW

My favorite forum 1 is Antique Roses.

My favorite forum 2 is Vegetable Gardening.

First registered on June 16, 2002 .