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I live just south of York, PA. on a 1.3 acre lot. I have been growing roses for only four years. So far, I have 58. The variety includes rugosas, antiques and moderns. It is a nice start. Many of the roses I have added were enabled by this forum. My greatest challenge is preparing the ground in rocky,(rocky, rocky etc.)slightly acid, clay dirt. It can be back breaking. The second or maybe even the first greatest challenge (its a toss up) is that I am surrounded by 9 (count um) 9 black walnut trees. After planting about 12 roses in the spring of 2000, I spent Memorial Day, moving eight roses to a "safe" zone. Of those only one has really recovered and thrived--Iceberg. I'm still threatening to chop those *&() trees down.

I am currently testing the tolerance of hybrid musk roses planted within the drip line of Black Walnut Trees. The results are posted on the forum known as "Plants for Difficult Places".
List of Roses as of Jan. 2004:
Marie Bugnet-healthy
Therese Bugnet-healthy
Sheila's Perfume-bad bs in 2003-very little in years previous-may sp-3/14/04-shovel pruned crown gall on root.
Easy Going-Crown Gall,Spring 2004-shovel pruned.
Charles Albanel-healthy
Martin Forbisher-some canker
Rose Rugosa Rubra-healthy
Conrad F. Meyer-gets bs
William Lobb-gets bs late in season
Tuscany Supurb-healthy
Mary Rose-needs spraying
Heritage-needs spraying
Apricot Nectar-needs spraying
Old Master-needs spraying
Compt de Chambord-needs spraying
Madam Alfred Carriere-some bs
Madam Isaac Perrier-bs magnet
Louise Odier-bs & canker issues
Victorian Spice aka L'aimant-on the sp list
Queen of Denmark-healthy
Alfred Dumas-bs
Souvenier de la Malmasion-some bs
Celine Forrester-killed to ground in '02-03-grew back but no bloom, otherwise healthy. 2004, spring. Died.
Radux Bouquet-after a move, died
Gruss an Teplitz-gone
Sombreiul-cut to the ground due to disease and winter. Recovering.
Leda-downey mildew after bloom
Rose de Rechst-some bs
Graham Thomas-needs spraying
Felicite Parmentier-clean and healthy. Cane borers. Cut one or two canes completely out. Tipped a few. Almost no disease, no scale. Bush looks like it did last fall. Signs of spring popping out all over it. Yea!
Tamora-needs spraying
Baron Gerod de 'lAin-needs spraying (JPs love his leaves!). Spring, 2004-canker, scale and bad canes-cut to ground. Already signs to basel breaks.-Hopeful.
Buff Beauty-bs late in season. Spring 2004-Cankered, black canes and scale-cut to ground.
Cornelia-little bs late in season. Spring 2004, cut all but 1 cane to within 6" of the soil. Scale and disease-bad canes. Potted. Now new growth after 2 months in pot.
Hawkeye Belle-very little bs. Spring 2004-Scale and diseased canes-cut to ground.
Thomas Affleck-very little bs. Spring 2004, lost 3 canes due to scale. Remainder, very healthy.
Dainty Bess-bs magnet-may sp. Spring 2004-cut to ground. Potted. Recovered. Gave to son.
Andanken an Alma de l'Ain-poorly situated, moving in spring. Spring 2004-moved. Cut to ground due to bad canes. Same as DB above.
Mrs. R.M. Finch-some bs. Spring 2004-very little die back. Lots of new growth. Some bad canes. A real bloom machine.
Iceberg-Sped, March 7, 04-cankered to the root.
Belinda's Dream-healthy-very little bs (new plant). Spring 2004-cut to ground. So far, 2 blooms (july)
Felicia-some bs-moving to sunnier location. Spring 2004-Moved. Lost most of canes due to Scale. Lots of damage to canes. One cane about 4" left. Recovered and blooming
Great Maiden's Blush-some bs. Spectacular bloom sp 04
Duchess de Brabant-very little bs-new plant. Spring 2004,moved to sunnier location. Cut to about 2" above ground due to bad canes. Blooming
Skyrocket-very little bs. Spring 2004-some serious disease and winter damage. Lots of new growth from crown. Blooming
Daybreak-some bs. Spring 2004-cut to ground. Died. Black Walnut roots invading hole.
Bouquet Parfait-more bs than other HMs. Spring 2004-cut to ground. Recovered and bloomed
Prosperity-some bs. Spring 2004-bouncing back. Some die back and disease. Profuse bloom
Veilchenblau-bs and canker issues-moving to better location. Spring 2004-moved. Cut almost to ground due to critter damage near crown. Short but bloomed
Russelliana-very healthy. Spring 2004-some die back. Lost some growth to critters.
Paul's Himalayan Musk-bs issues-may move. Bloomed well. Did not move.Spring 2004-Not a lot of die back and not much disease.
Lavender Lassie-some bs. Spring 2004-moved. Cut out bad canes. Left two healthy ones. leafing out. Bloomed and blooming
Erfurt-some bs. Spring 2004-Fairly healthy. Partially healthy canes. Bloomed and budding (july)
Ballerina-very little bs. Spring 2004-Cut out bad canes but still bushy and growing. 2 bloom cycles and starting a third.
Penelope-great bloomer, very little bs. Spring 2004-Cut to ground.
Alexander McKenzie-some bs-needs moving to more sun. 2004, moved to sunnier location after cutting back to 6 ft. Cut out lots of bad canes. Still plenty healthy left.
Danae-baby own root, healthy but no bloom. 2004, growing gang busters. No signs of disease.
Carefree Delight I think-made of iron. 2004, no change.
Wind Song-healthy. 2004 spring-lost long cane to wind. New growth showing.

Roses that died and did not florish:
Gruss an Aachen-maybe because of Spruce roots.
Peace, Fragrant Lace, Blueberry Hill, Fragrant Cloud, Melody Perfume, Big Purple, Betty Boop (killed by winter) and some others I can't remember.

I live in: United States

My zone is: z6 PA

My favorite forum 1 is Antique Roses.

My favorite forum 2 is Organic Rose Growing.

First registered on July 03, 2002 .