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Hi, I've been either a Tidewater VA or RDU, NC gardener for the last 30+ years. Despite trying to xeriscape, to result in a drought proof, perennial garden, I've made every possible mistake around! At present, we moved into a house with a patio sized yard. That was April 2012. I brought a huge container garden with me, eager to put into the ground,only to discover that there was NO topsoil at all. Due to a lack of having room to have a yard of soil or mulch dumped, I bought car load after car load of every thing, and humped it into the pocket yard. I over planted plus realized that a bunch of flowering shrub like perennials LOVED to spread. This summer, out came the butterfly weed, day lilies, Mexican petunias and some of the excess bulbs. Fortunately, there's another gardening space available to me nearby, where most of the extras went! Essentially, the biggest bed was 4/5's dug up, removed, and back to Southern States went the car for MORE of everything soil!! This time, I spread out many bulbs and installed a slow growing dwarf shrub. After much discussion, I bought a raised bed set from Frame It All. It took 2 months to arrive plus another 6 weeks to install. Finally, the majority of my pot bound plants had a home! Everything seems to have taken. I ordered another raised bed in order to finish removing all the container plants that won't expand, willy nilly. That's a spring time bed, considering how long it takes the company to send kits out. As I moved plants and bulbs around our tiny beds, I reworked the soil and added edging, to keep as much soil in place as possible plus extending more soil to the front of the edging. Several major things learned this year is where the sunny and sun/shade falls, where NOT to plant a variety of stuff, how greedy Asian lilies are in a mixed bulb container, how calla lilies reproduce, and developing the beginnings of understanding what shade/sun plants there are out there(huge numbers!) plus where to place them. Next season will be a brand new garden, again. That's exciting. Last but not least, there's always some not before noticed plants just begging to be taken home! It's so hard to say no! It's turned out that Carolina/ Tidewater gardening is such a challenge, between the last two unexpectedly wet rainy years to the harsh, hot drought years. Carolina/Tidewater gardeners, I salute you!

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