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*Walking Lightly on Mother Earth, I take one gentle step at a time as I seek balance and well-being.* I strive toward self-sufficiency.
I�m an Urban Patio Gardener!

Since my garden is tiny (10�x10�) I hope to receive items suited to growing in 5 gallon or smaller containers. Nothing big, sprawling, -or heaven forbid, Giant- for me, thanks!! :)

FYI to swappers: I have a dog and there are toddlers next door. Can�t grow plants toxic to dogs or kids: No lantana, datura, larkspur, brugs, angel trumpet, monkshood, foxglove, etc.

Peas, curly parsley, parsnips, celery, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, & most kinds of spinach do not grow well in my tropical climate.

Sorry, but the large numbers of crushed and dead (overheated) seeds I�ve received has made it necessary to ask this:
PLEASE mail seeds in a BUBBLE MAILER marked �PERISHABLE� in BIG, BOLD Red letters. (Reused or homemade BE is OK). I will do the same for you! This ensures no crushed seeds, and no seeds killed from improper shipping temps! :)

If you don�t have a red marker to mark the BE �Perishable�, please take it to the PO and ask the clerk to stamp it perishable. They will assist you. :)

If you have no bubble envelope to send my seeds in, please let me know. In such cases I will ask you to hold onto your seeds till mine arrive, so you can then send your seeds to me in the BE I mail to you! :)

Please do not request SASBE. I sometimes offer SASBE for specific seeds that I have an oodle of, *if* my health and schedule allow me to do so.

If you have something I want, *please* let me know so I can see if I have something you�d like!!! :) Don�t let my trade list fool you into thinking my seed selection is small...

I don�t ever have the time or energy to list *all* my seeds on my trade list, so I generally just list the stuff I have more than one trade�s worth of.

I�m allergic to artificial scents so I make my own cosmetics, perfumes, candles. I am allergic to many Asteraceae and Compositae- things that resemble a goldenrod, aster, helenium, wild daisy, rudbeckia, etc. My least favorite flower, foliage and veggie colors are Orange and Yellow.

I avoid pesticides and minimize use of other chemicals, since I use my garden produce in my home cooking. My �yard� is a little, paved patio, so I�m growing veggies in 4 to 5 gallon & smaller containers. Do you have a productive veggie garden in 5 gallon or smaller pots? If so, please drop me an email to share your garden wisdom!!

I avoid animal- tested products. I feed wild birds. I support the Arbor Day Society. I love native plants, and pollution fighting trees, though I have no space to grow trees presently. So I save trees by reusing office paper and garden catalogs to make origami seed envelopes.

I hang clothes to dry, weather allowing. When it�s wet, I collect rainwater. I know how to Xeriscape. And I mulch, mulch, mulch to save water.

I own a hybrid car; I carpool too. I repair flawed clothes and give them to the homeless. I recycle, compost, and reuse what I can, no matter how silly I look. I even have a composting worm bin. Worms eat my junk mail! :)

I live in: United States

My zone is: Zone 9

My Birthday is January 21 .

My favorite forum 1 is Balcony Gardening.

My favorite forum 2 is Container Gardening.

First registered on October 23, 2002 .