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I'm trying to restore and improve the old citrus grove that is my back-back yard.
I've saved two Washington Navels that seem to date from 1950 or so.
I've saved one Valencia and am trying to save another that seem to be the same age.
I've saved a Pink Marsh Grapefruit, Minneola Tangelo, unknown Lemon, and Fuerte Avocade that seem to have been planted when the house was new in 1970.

I've added:
Oranges: Cara Cara Navel, Midknight Valenca, Moro, Tarocco, Sanguinelli, Smith Red
Mandarins,etc: USDA 88-2, Satsuma Owarii, Kishu, Page, Pixie, Tango, Yosemite Gold, Gold Nugget, Kiyomi Tangor, Wekiwa Tangelo, Ortanique
Pomello/GF: Rio Red, Oro Blanco, MeloGold, Cocktail, Chandler
Kumquats: Nagami, Meiwa
Lemons: Eureka, Meyer, Pomona Sweet
Limes: Bearss, Thornless Mexican Lime
Pomegranate: Wonderful
Avocados: Haas, Lamb Haas, Sir Prize, Reed

Still looking for a Powell Navel & Dekopan

I live in: United States

My zone is: z9b/19 Upland CA

First registered on April 17, 2013 .