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IN CORRESPONDENCE WITH ME, PLEASE REFERENCE GARDENWEB OR SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE IN SUBJECT LINE... SO I DON’T ACCIDENTALLY DELETE YOUR MESSAGE AS SPAM. I have gardened 30 years now in the Arkansas Ozarks. I grew up in the dry zone 4 of Northeastern Colorado, so I NEVER complain about too much rain.

ORIGINAL EDUCATION: zoology.. Lifelong passion for the whole natural world & I will be posting many, many pix to this site.

BTM (Better-Than-Most)COOK; special interest in adapting ethnic cuisines and flavors to my own kitchen. I put first emphasis on the best tasting vegetables. Herbs are grown 30 seconds from the kitchen stove (ie, added to flower beds around the house).

I HAVE EXPERIMENTED FOR DECADES WITH MICROCLIMATES ON OUR PROPERTY... plus carefully timed plantings and many varieties ... and greatly expanded the list of what can be grown here in the Ozarks.

REALITY CHECK: I believe Global Warming is already here! I AM PLANTING / SEARCHING FOR VEGETABLES THAT WILL WITHSTAND EXTREME HEAT AND DROUGHT. I do not tolerate garden wimps. Whining about the heat and refusal to grow will shortly get a plant a notation in my database as date of demise or removal...

SHARING MY CROPS WITH WILDLIFE ... Birds are welcome to all they want. As for those who only consume.... I know they gotta eat, too.... but it’s a lot of time and money to me to get at least some of my harvest. My wintered over plants are jailed in overturned wire crates. ARMADILLOS won’t dig up a plant surrounded with softball to foot-ball sized rocks. MY GREATEST NEMESIS IS CHUCKIE McVARMIT (WOODCHUCK) and he finds a 2-foot cylinder of hardware cloth around plants I really, really, REALLY want to keep until they can grow out.

I live in: United States

First registered on August 07, 2007 .