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My name is Barry. I moved to southeast Georgia from the (cold) northwest corner of Arkansas, in the Ozark Mountains. I was really getting up my speed in gardening in Arkansas, but went completely ape after moving to this zone and finding out all the totally cool plants that I could now grow. So, July of 2000, I began the yard transformation in Georgia. I’ve had 85 dumptruck loads of soil, compost, and gravel hauled in so far. I’ve worked till way after dark almost every night ever since - creating my own little tropical paradise. The 5 hours of mowing has now become about 1 hour. Most of that consists of weaving around all the curvy borders and mazes all over the yard. My beds are all raised 3-4 feet high and are full of every agave I can get my hands on, variegated yuccas of every kind, phormiums, variegated bananas, palms, ixora, weeping bottlebrush trees, opuntias of every flavor, 8-foot elephant ear plants, a rainbow of colors of oleander, Algerian ivy, purple crinum, variegated crinum,
purple sugar cane, philodendron, cordylines, dasylirion, nolina, hesperaloe, aloes, blah, blah. I have people stop daily to take pictures. A few colleges have come and taken a tour of my lawn. The county extension agent refers people to me. I won the Best Garden on the First Coast Contest (channel 12)....got a sign in my yard and got to be on tv. Several newspapers have done articles on my garden. Cancer patients have come here to just sit and relax among the beauty...as a type of "therapy". It’s really been a joy. Lots of hard work, but extremely gratifying!!!

I live in: United States

My zone is: z9, S.E. GA

First registered on October 17, 2001 .