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Ready for the next chapter in landscaping. In the last 5 years, I learned how to raise dairy goats in addition to the chickens. Now I lead a dairy goat and a poultry 4-H club. The manure has been the only thing that has rescued some of the scraped clay / sand soil areas. I just cant believe that there are areas where not even a weed can grow still. I'll have to spread my next compost pile in that one area next! I have definitely learned that the trick to gardening in Colorado is amend the soil and choose wisely for limited watering areas. We have built about 150 sq ft of raised beds for veggies, too. So thankful we were spare in the Black Forest fire. We will be digging up and transplanting a lot of our overcrowded forest trees for our friends who lost everything.
Permanent and final house is built with tons of empty gardening space surrounded by beautiful forest--but post construction scraped soil is not so good. We are ammending like crazy, have started several compost heaps, got some hens to add stuff to the compost plus some eggs, we hope. Hmmm...maybe this year I will get back to growing a few things! We did transplant a few items that are always reliable.


Well, I finished my CA cottage garden and had a lovely red, white, and blue garden in the front with strawberries that seemed to bear year round, and non-stop blooming roses...then we moved to Colorado Springs! Gardening was daunting the first spring here until I saw the beautiful gardens at Glen Eryie castle and saw that lots of great things can be done. We are in a rental house, so gardening is still somewhat limited due to not wanting to invest too much money, and especially time, energy, and emotion into a garden I will have to leave.

Would love suggestions for perennials from those who know how unpredictable the weather is here!


From CA garden days
Currently re-landscaping front & back yards from scratch. Having fun experimenting with new plants, especially ’double-duty’ ones that are edible, fragrant, textured, etc.<p>Things I have success growing:<br>Bird of Paradise<br>Pelargoniums (scented, Martha Washington, all types of geraniums)<br>Herbs (Chives, thymes, basil, rosemary, oregano, parsley)<br>passion flower<br>honeysuckle<br>cymbidium orchids<br>ferns<p>I’m new to gardening and I’m a busy mom of 1 and 3 yr. old boys. Not into keeping track of all the latin names and varieties of things I grow. Just like a variety of interesting and different textures, scents, lots of flowers. Just beginning to do things from seed and cuttings. Hope to someday have an overflowing cottage garden. Though, the front is blank now except for 10 very old and neglected roses cut way back that I am trying to revive.

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