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I have 5 acres of land and I’m finally to the point of doing some real landscaping. I am always looking for relatively maintenance free plants. I grow vegetables in raised beds and I built a deck with an enclosure for my cats around the perimeter of the deck, which I want to be cat and dog friendly with many plants.

So far a friend has given me Achillea(sp?), something that looks like coneflower but with lacy petals, and I have astilbe and hostas. Bishop’s weed, creeping sedum, and periwinkle grow freely on the outskirts of my lawn. I have two hybrid tea roses, "Diana, Princess of Wales" and "Peace", and a variety of shrubs - forsythia, black currant, privets, lilacs, red currant, bridal bush, and rose of sharon. Of course there are also some I can’t identify.

My African violet collection is dwindling as I lose interest I suppose. The ledge is now full of rooting succulents, a few violets, and some evergreen trees I dug up in the U.P. last year. I had a florist’s Cyclamen from my grandmother’s funeral, but I wasn’t able to get it to bloom again. It lived over a year and then the leaves shriveled and appeared to rot. I have a handful of seeds left from this pretty plant, but have no idea how to begin with them.

My former pumpkin patch was converted to a raspberry patch in ’03- var. "Boyne". It’s a plat of wonderful soil that appears to have been the site of an old haystack. This grew pumpkins well, but I’m finding that the berries are not doing well in it, they need more dirt and less organic matter. My honor system pumpkin business took a loss so I disbanded. I may as well grow something I can enjoy. Now I’m trying to figure out where to relocate them, and also ogling my mother’s new rows of everbearing raspberries that are HUGE in the fall and get mowed to the ground in the winter. I also plopped in a blueberry bush, which I ran over with the lawnmower by mistake in 06.

I’m always looking for groundcovers and plants for my newly made flower gardens. I’m also in search of a vine for the north side of my garage, which is a big empty canvas. I put hostas on each side of the "spot" but no trellis or vine yet. I want to make sure whatever I find will do well in the shade. I visit gardenweb a lot, and look forward to learning and sharing.

Before winter in ’05 I tore out all my english ivy from around the house after seeing mice and then finding that they were choking out all my spring bulbs. (I saw someone else mentioned ivy and mice and I freaked!) No more ivy for me. I’m trying to get a plat of pachysandra going well enough to start dividing.

Summer of 2004 I became addicted to concrete stepping stones and casting leaves, and now I’m to the point of hypertufa and making my own molds. So far all I’m selling is the groundcovers I list on eBay, that’s got to change soon or I’ll run out of room! =)

April of 2005 I ordered two apple trees to begin my little "orchard".

I need some pots/trays for lots of strawberries this year to grow in the cat garden, I’m not sure if I’ll have time to hypertufa them, might have to break down and buy some :)


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