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I am an organic gardener and writer who is looking for somebody else to garden with. I have a huge forest farm, where I do all kinds of gardening and take care of wild animals. I am middle aged and retired from journalism. I just want to turn a whole watershed into one beautiful and edible landscape. I don't have a business and am not trying to hire anybody. I just keep looking for another gardener to be my best friend and fellow gardener.
I try everything. I am growing fruit and nut trees, beries, flowers, vines and shrubs. I make garden beds everywhere and also naturalize the landscape. I create animal habitats and build aimal shelters. I build and landscape my own ponds. I pamper and love the trees. I take care of birds and wild animals, everything from snakes and bluebirds to mountain lions and fish.
My intrests include sunoke and sutainable living; biodynamic(spiritual) gardening; Cherokee culture and gardening; theatre, music and art; permaculture; water projects, ponds and creeks etc.; wild animals; birds; poetry, playwriting forest farming, intentional communities.
I do carpentry, plumbing (it's FUN!}, roofing, mowing, cutting firewood, stone works and natural building practises.
Important values to me are honesty, compassion, truthfulness, sense of humor, sharing. I like having good food, good tools, good fellowship, good books. Most of all, I like having naure around -- trees, plants, wild animals, pure water.

I live in: United States

My zone is: 6-7

My Birthday is October 3 .

My favorite forum 1 is Organic Gardening.

My favorite forum 2 is Raptors.

First registered on December 31, 2011 .