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I have been lured in by one sweet rose Mme. Franziska Kruger, it was all innocent enough, a SASE for a rooted cutting and now I can’t stop myself from wanting, nay, I say NEEDING more. I can’t stop myself, I am ordering, and rooting and trading for OGRs.

I can’t wait until I am able to offer more cuttings to others myself, right now I feel like a hawg, oh but that should change this summer/fall, provided I do my roses right and they take off...they will, won’t they? Will I need to order more next year? Find another I just can’t live without?

These I have on order for spring 2005:
Betty Boop ( well maybe not OLD, but my partner has been wanting it, and I need a way to lure him into the addiction also...)
Mermaid (Zone 5/6, maybe micro 7...how much harm can it do?)
Pat Austin (Had one, it died, my fault, I must make her live on this time)
Tess of the d’Urbervilles
Crepuscule (In case I run out of space I need to have something climbing)
Belinda’s Dream
Pink Powder Puff
Precious Dream
Royal Blush
Lady Moss

I live in: United States

My zone is: z6

My favorite forum 1 is Plant Exchange.

My favorite forum 2 is Rocky Mountain Gardening.

First registered on February 13, 2003 .