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I am a full time commercial (mostly organic) fruit grower in the Washington State fruit industry and I also sell at farmer’s markets, but mostly to organic buying cooperatives. I grew up on a fruit ranch and have grown most commonly known temperate zone fruits and vegetables. When I travel, I go to places that are renown for their gardens and farms. I grow Golden Delicious, Rome, Granny, Jonagold, Hawaii, Northern Spy, Spitzenburg, 5 types of Fuji, Corail, Empire, Golden Supreme, Gala, lotsa Gingergold, Karmijn, Tsugaru, Ashmeads, Calville Blanc, COP, King, Rhode Island Greening, St. Edmund’s Russet, Lodi, Pristine, Boskoop, Kandil, Freyburg, Queen Cox, Alkmene, Hudson’s Golden Gem, Spigold, Splendour, Foxwelp, Dabinett, Chisel Jersey, Kingston Black, Golden Russet, Gravenstein, Sansa, Senshu, Braeburn, Honeycrisp, Medaille d’Or, right now about 85 total varieties of apple; about fifty varieties of peach and nectarine, 12 varieties of cherry, five of cot, various plum (Catalina, Friar, Laroda, Santa Rosa), 5 pluots and Doyenne du Comice(Taylor’s Gold), Buerre D’Anjou, Buerre Bosc, buncha Asian Pears (too many), buncha table grapes, starlings, magpies, border collies,

I live in: United States

My zone is: Cent. WA z6b

First registered on April 02, 2002 .