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Have two main hobbies--gardening and genealogy. Both start with g, and "roots" are an important part of each!! I am a retired teacher and now take care of my pre-school grandchildren during the school year. I moved three years ago to a place with different soil, drainage, and light than I was used to--and no beds. Moved many plants here in pots and some still are. My dog is my only helper in the garden, and she's not interested in digging up new ground. Thank goodness that she is not a digger, but she does seem to watch me work.

With only one exception, all the trading I have done in the year since I found GW has been enjoyable and rewarding. Made some hort buddies also. I am a slow trader often but I always try to make great trades.

You might wonder about my garden name. I taught in a year-round program, and some students had very "abrasive" personalities. I could come home to my garden where everything was "gentle" and unwind.

Might see you on the list or in email, Peg

I live in: United States

My zone is: z6a OH

My favorite forum 1 is Plant Exchange.

First registered on May 12, 2003 .