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I was an American general and commander in chief of the colonial armies in the American Revolution (1775-83) and subsequently the first president of the United States (1789-97).

My father, Augustine Washington, had gone to school in England, had tasted seafaring life, and then settled down to manage his growing Virginia estates. My mother was Mary Ball, whom Augustine, a widower, had married early the previous year. My paternal lineage had some distinction; an early forebear was described as a 'gentleman'. Henry VIII later gave the family lands, and its members held various offices. But family fortunes fell with the Puritan revolution in England, and John Washington, my grandfather, migrated in 1657 to Virginia. My grandfather was an energetic, ambitious man who acquired much land, built mills, took an interest in opening iron mines, and sent his two oldest sons to England for schooling. By his first wife, Jane Butler, he had four children; by his second wife, Mary Ball, he had six. Augustine died April 12, 1743.
Childhood and youth

Little is known of my early childhood, spent largely on the Ferry Farm on the Rappahannock River, opposite Fredericksburg, Virginia. Mason L. Weems's stories of the hatchet and cherry tree and of my repugnance to fighting are apocryphal efforts to fill a manifest gap. I attended school irregularly from my 7th to my 15th year, first with the local church sexton and later with a schoolmaster named Williams. Some of my schoolboy papers survive. I am fairly well trained in practical mathematics, gauging, several types of mensuration, and such trigonometry as is useful in surveying. I studied geography, possibly had a little Latin, and certainly read some of The Spectator and other English classics. The copybook in which I transcribed at 14 a set of moral precepts, or Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation, was carefully preserved. My best training, however, was given to me by practical men and outdoor occupations, not by books. I mastered tobacco growing and stock raising, and early in my teens I was sufficiently familiar with surveying to plot the fields about me.

Furthermore, the Gardenweb member page will not allow me to select my proper birth year of 1732. In order to maintain my faith in the nature of all good men, I have chosen to believe this is an error of ignorance rather than an orchestrated scheme to spread misinformation.

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