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Why am I here? Ah, well, this is a very complex question with very long-winded answer. So, I will try to put it in a
shell, maybe an eggshell since my favorite forum is soil.
When I was young my parents bought a property in rural VA
that many of the "locals" didn't even know about. On this property we grew a sizable garden with a wide variety of vegetables and melons. I call it my "child labor camp days"
but fondly remember it as the best time in my life. This wasn't a permanant residence, but more like an every other weekend gettaway. There were "seeds" planted here that sprouted and took root not only in the ground, but in my heart and mind as well. Here I learned the wonderful things of gardening and tasted first hand the delicious things to eat. And so I was bitten buy the gardening bug. When we sold the place, I had this desire to be able to still grow my own things. This finally became possible when I married my wife and we bought our own townhouse, only, I'd rather have the space that our little (12 acre) farm provided.
I still hope to have a place like that some day. In the meantime, we work our microgarden in the suburbs of Maryland.

I live in: United States

My zone is: z7 MD

My favorite forum 1 is Soil.

My favorite forum 2 is Bamboo.

First registered on November 11, 2003 .