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My wife and I keep expanding our garden areas. One is for blueberries and vegetables (in the back) and the other three are for Roses mixed with perennials and some other bushes like hydrangeas and gardenias and a beautiful crab apple. I put in a stone path with a bench under the tree on one end and an arbor with roses climbing on each side on the other.

I love the way being in the garden calms and refreshes me. Every evening my wife and I "take a turn about the garden". It sounds like something from Jane Austin--but that’s ok with me. It’s nice to be able to do something we love and to do it together. When I’m in garden, I feel close to God and His creation.

My favorite growing things are things that smell.

My roses are:

1. Duchesse de Brabant
2. Belinda’s Dream
3. Melody Parfumee
4. Madame Alfred Carrier
5. Sombreuil (Colonial White)
6. Abraham Darby
7. Rose de Rescht
8. Marchessa Boccela
9. Perle d’Or
10. Gruss An Aachen
11. Full Sail
12. Sweet Chariot
13. Buff Beauty
14. Marie Daly
15. White Ma Perkins
16. Unidentified Coral HT
17. Heinrich Karsh
18. Mrs. B.R. Cant
19. Jean Bach Sisley
20. Devoniensis (bush)
21. Annie Laurie McDowell
22. Mm. Cecile Brunner (bush)
23. Clementina Carbonieri
24. Souv. de Pierre Notting
25. Duchesse d’Auerstaedt
26. American Pillar
27. Leonardo daVinci
28. Moonstone
29. Maggie
30. Souv. de la Malmaison
31. Veilchenblau
32. Rosa bansiae lutea (Yellow Lady Banks)
33. Sharifa Asma
34. Cream Abundance
35. Darlow’s Enigma
36. Grandmother’s Hat
37. Blush Noisette
38. Pink Scotch
39. Clotilde Soupert
40. Jefferson Rose
41. White Cap
42. Triomphe de Luxembourg
43. Golden Buddha
44. Radiance
45. Sutter’s Gold
46. Grace Darling
47. Souv. Du President Lincoln
48. Lyda Rose
49. Westside Road Cream Tea

Electric Lady
Overnight Scentsation
Peach Delight
Mystery striped
Mystery white

I live in: United States

My zone is: z7atlantaGA

First registered on January 30, 2004 .