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Hi! I reside on Galveston, a beautiful subtropical island nestled in the Gulf of Mexico just an hour south of Houston, TX. Due to an almost constant trade wind, the climate is considered moderate. Just 100 miles south of its original location, out in the clear blue water of the Gulf lies the northernmost coral reefs in the Continental U.S. I wish the island was here instead. This place would be considered a full zone 10 when bathed in that water year round!! (Think Bermuda) If only...


Unique stats:
--Consists of three reefs, the smallest of which is Stetson Reef.
--Water temperature: High 60s to mid 70s (Fahrenheit) in winter time, mid 80s in summer time. Warm water at this lattitude made possible by an eddie that splits off from the origin of the Gulf Stream.
--Mostly hard corals. VERY dense coral colonization, denser than some Caribbean reefs. Fauna virtually identical to reefs further south in the Caribbean and lower Gulf of Mexico (Veracruz).

well, I admit I have zone envy and I push the limit. My neighbors think i’m crazy for trying out plants they have never even heard of. But it doesn’t matter, I love almost everything tropical and exotic! I am also a firm believer that one day, the cure for AIDS, Parkinson disease, and breast cancer lies probably not in a lab dedicated to creating synthetic chemicals. Rather, the cures lay hidden somewhere in the Amazon, tropical Africa, or Southeast Asia.

I live in: United States

My zone is: Galveston, z9b

First registered on March 07, 2003 .