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A little about me...

My ongoing, continuing obsession is anything and everything
to do with seeds! In fact, I collected so many seeds last summer and fall that I have to give them away ;)

Katzengarten Seeds

I not only collect seeds, I sow them, too! Winter Sowing is my favorite method of starting seeds. For the '05 ~ '06 WS season I have set a goal of 400 containers! That will be nearly 100 more than my first year (2003.) We won't talk about last season ;) I had a rough patch back then and only sowed about a dozen.
So far this winter, I have sown 34 containers =) Today is the last day of 2005, and I plan to do some heavy sowing tonight! I want to do as many of my older WS seeds as possible, out with the old and in with the new!
My gardening style is best described as eclectic (or possibly eccentric!) I like a little of everything! Perennials are my favorites, and I love to push the boundries of my zone, just to see what will come back next year. I have successfully overwintered snapdragons, which are supposed to be hardy to zone 7 at best. I also love tropicals and other tender perennials, especially elephant ears, dracaena, cannas, and passion flowers. I am growing more houseplants this year, and am always on the lookout for ones that don't need much light. Most of my windows are currently occupied with wandering jew, cannas, dracaena draco, zygocactus, peperomia, and my two year old passiflora incarnata. I also have little specimens here and there... a pot of burro tails that just can't seem to make up its mind which window it likes best... a vigorous little canna seedling... a two year old confederate jasmine, just about eight inches high now... an "afterthought" planting of buttercream petunia, wandering jew, and coleus that is living way longer than I expected... a brand new rex begonia with velvety black leaves... I think I need more windows!
I have been gardening since I was old enough to pull weeds alongside Grampa, and owe my love of garening to him! He passed 20 years ago, but is still very much alive in my memory especially when I am in the garden.
I also love to grow veggies, and have a quarter acre to myself at a friends farm. I have a very large back yard **insert your own joke here!** but not nearly enough room for all the veggies I like to grow.
My own yard is being converted from lawn to garden little by little. DH bought me a rototiller last fall, watch out grass, here I come!
I do have hobbies other than gardening, if you can believe that! (DH doesn't!) I love crafts, especially beading and painting. Nothing too artsy with painting, mostly repainting found objects, "junk art" and decorating. When DS started school, I took a year off work. I went absolutely nuts making my own stensils and decorating the walls of our nearly 100 year old house. Thirteen years later there are still a few that DH hasn't painted or panneled over =) I also love to sew, mostly smaller projects that I can finish in a day or two. I tried quilting a few years ago, but just didn't have the patience for it! I love to make bags, purses, pillows, etc. I have also recently started a few garden junk projects, and have two BB's completed so far. A penny ball and a "marbled" pentacle ball.
I collect just about anything "Halloween-ish" especially witches, cauldrons, gargoyles, dragons, black cats, and skeletons/skulls. It may seem a bit macabre to some, but it makes me happy =) Halloween is my favorite holiday, and lately we have the tradition of extending Halloween through till New Years. Our Christmas tree has gone from the traditional red and green to purple, blue, black and white, with Halloween themed ornaments. I call it our "Hallow-ismas" tree, but DS insists it is "Chris-oween" =D
My favorite colors, in the garden and otherwise, are purple, black, burgandy, cobalt blue, silver, and white. I also love anything iridescent. I am a coffee and chocolate addict, with no hopes or plans of recovery ;) I love to cook, especially baking sweet treats! I also love Chinese and Italian foods, as well as good old fashioned American home cooking. My grampa was from the Appalacians, and made the best white beans and cornbread I have ever had =) He was once a cook for a lumberjack camp, and was always cooking up big breakfasts. In spite of today's "heart healthy" craze, I carry on this tradition whenever possible!


I live in: United States

My zone is: z6a MI

My favorite forum 1 is Winter Sowing.

My favorite forum 2 is Round Robin Exchange.

First registered on June 10, 2003 .