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I grew up on a farm in Arizona. It could be called either a dirt or truck farm depending on which you pick - we had lots of dirt and only one truck. We would grow veggies and Pappy would try to sell them in Phoenix to lots of people that didn't have enough money to buy veggies. I liked growing things - but didn't like the animal part. We kids always got to do the dirty part.

Now I'm a suburban and we have a small garden that is being filled with my sculptures. I have been struggling to grow a bit of veggies and am at war with all of the critters that like to eat my veggies also. The current fix is a wire cage to keep everything out (except small birds) which so far has been a very small but great success. LAst yeare everything was in nursery pots. On the web I have found all kinds of ways to increase the yield from my 12' by 9' 'farm'.
Hopefully next season will bring more pleasure.

I live in: United States

My zone is: O-Zone 10

First registered on November 15, 2005 .