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style="font-family: GaramondBold;">I live in New Jersey with
my husband.  We have 3/4 of an acre of erodible clay soil and
mature trees.  Growing anything is a challenge especially
since full sun is at a minimum.  We also have abundant wild
life such as deer, rabbits, groundhogs, moles, chipmunks, skunks,
squirrels  (gray and red), foxes and raccoons.
 Needless to say they are either nibbling on plants or digging

I have always loved gardening.  So much so that after working
as a Health Care Professional for many years I went back to college to
study Horticulture.  It was a wonderful gift I gave myself.

I’ve had four terrific employment positions. I worked on a research project dealing with beneficial nematodes for a private biotechnology company. I also worked for our county cooperative extension agent on one of the university research farms. I was involved with all aspects of data collection for new cultivars of fruit trees and strawberries as well as vegetables. This included an emphasis on plant pest and disease identification in determining action thresholds. Working with the cooperative extension enabled me to find a position with a university professor who specialized in strawberry breeding. I was involved in all aspects of breeding including tissue culture. I maintained hands on from the laboratory to the field and harvest.

My last position was my favorite. I worked for a large nursery/landscaping firm as their on and off site Horticultural Consultant. My primary function was identifying landscape pests and diseases. I also wrote plant care information sheets for our customers as well as sales and perennial garden designing. I spent many hours driving through the surrounding counties and meeting some wonderful clients. I’m always impressed and gladdened with homeowners who find gardening a passion, as I do.       

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First registered on May 11, 2006 .