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There’s more to life than gardening. I want foolproof plants with high success rates and minimal maintainance. If I’m going to have to spray it, I probably won’t plant it. My rules for success:
1. Pick your battles carefully.
2. Good soil is the foundation of success. Never plant in mediocre soil.
3. Systematize and organize all aspects of your gardening to minimize time and labor.
4. Distrust anyone who is trying to sell you something. This especially includes local and big box nurseries and catalog descriptions.
5. Never try to save money on books. Knowledge is much cheaper than labor.
6. Direct observation and analysis are crucial to success.

The only areas that I have any depth of knowledge in are residential energy efficiency, and alternative building systems. Other than that, I'm a complete HACK. Hacks tend to dive into projects with complete ignorance and poor planning, which usually leads to massive falures. Being true hacks though, we are too ornery to admit defeat, and build on our "experience" to go on to even greater failures. Eventually we do succeed, not in spite of our ignorance, but because of it- we don't know what "shouldn't" work. This capacity for picking the low hanging fruit and using common sense to trump obsessive detailed knowledge tends to infuriate our natural nemises- "EXPERTS". These poor souls who have invested their lives and fortunes in earning degrees and developing big egos are driven to the brink by hacks who seeming live charmed lives and are too dumb or apathetic to even know when they are being properly insulted.

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