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Hello- my name is Chris. I have been transplanted to Alabama from Alaska, so am new to gardening in the south. I only gardened a little before I moved. This is my first year to have a garden. So I am just a little garden sprout, maybe a 'tender perenial'? *grin*

We bought our house and one acre in December from an estate sale. The lady who planted the garden spots here is no longer availble to ask questions of.

I have learned from (mostly from another garden forum) what most of the plants on this property are. It's all new to me. I need to learn as much as I can before I can do harm to what I already have.

This fall I will be dividing my first clump of bulb (Surprise lilies, if they have really survived, and Daylilies.)

I look forward to e meeting you and learnign about what I have already and what else I might like to get as well.


I live in: United States

My zone is: 7b/8a

First registered on July 22, 2005 .