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I'm a Christian home school mom of three children, interested and practising edible landscaping/permaculture methods in the suburbs. I am interested in culinary and healing herbs, land stewartship, spinning and fiber arts, birding and moving back to the land homesteading (off grid). I'm a country girl that wants to 'go back home' so my kids can grow up with some of the same experiences, insights and values that only the land and a farm/ranch can supply and teach.
Right now we have a dog, a cat, woolly bunny, a lovebird and 12 chickens on less than a quarter acre. Its been a five year plan have converted it to edible landscaping/permaculture use (we are on year 5 close to being on schedule). We are looking forward to making the 160 acre 'transfer' in the near future.

I live in: United States

First registered on October 06, 2004 .