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Amateur gardener. More stockade fence to dress up than a carpenter in a plywood shop. I hate landscaping, and would prefer to plant acres of flowers in the sun. I have shade. I am busy building empty beds with beautiful soil made up of compost. I do need evergreen encouragement, and feel like when you see the old men out planting their arborvitae in a straight line perhaps they have something there. I can't do it, I plant them in threes. I have some nice rhodies, Boursault catawbiense, and the huge some kind of roseum that is too big in front of my house, because I used the soil amendments and it actually grew. I have a rose garden in a twelve foot patch of sun. In it is some Romantica roses that keep their foliage for me quite well, and three david austin Abe Darby's that throw elegant canes this way and that, some different salvia's and guara's and a few bulbs and I have three peonies around them.

I need landscaping encouragement. I find that each piece of stockade fence can be disguised somewhat for about $200. worth of plants. I can't hang anything on them, on one side because the fence is angled and juts away from my border and i won't plant outside my yard, and on the back side of the property the previous owner took down a lot of trees - now I have a teensy bit of sun - but no longer have green screening. I can't put anything on that fence due to one of the neighbors saying something about restraining orders. Ick. Not very civilized. You know what your mother always told you, lose the friends that talk about their restraining orders like it is normal conversation.

That's what you need to know about me. I am picking 8 - 16 ft. sections to work on at a time. Plus trying to make what I have look finished/complete and varied in the seasons. Plenty to do!

I live in: United States

My zone is: 5b

My Birthday is September 23 .

First registered on July 29, 2006 .