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Howdy! My name is Darlene O'Neal. I have been actively gardening only since 1997, but like everything else I do, I read and read and read everything that I could get my hands on that has to do with my new interest. I learned a lot about organic gardening, starting plants from seeds, harvesting seeds, medicinal plants, heirloom tomatoes, making compost, beneficial insects, etc. even before I got my first plants & seeds.

I greatly enjoy gardening and all of the hard work that goes into it. When my husband (who happens to be a great gardener) and I bought our house in 1997, we started with a large weedy lawn and hardly any plants. After lots of hard work, sweat, and nurturing of seeds & plants, our yard has been transformed into beautiful gardens with very little lawn. Besides all of the gardens that we designed and built ourselves, we have also designed and built privacy fences, a tool shed, a small greenhouse and a garden path made from upside-down concrete that used to be a sidewalk. We are currently working on plans to build a fieldstone patio, a pergola and more fences to finish enclosing our back yard for privacy. Our formerly boring & weedy yard is now our oasis to escape from the rest of life's troubles.

Projects that I completed in 2002 are:
* Built three 4' wide x 18' long x 1' tall raised vegetable beds in an area that use to be part lawn and part last year's veggie garden. Filled it with yummy veggies!!!
* Completely reworked the rest of last year's veggie garden and part of the lawn to make it into a new flower bed that is attached to last year's flower garden.
* Took out an unwanted sidewalk. Used the chunks upside down (so the rustic-looking rough side is up) to make paths that flow through last year's flower garden into the new flower garden. (Truth be told, my husband did the great majority of this work. . . and I must say, it looks great!!!)
* My husband and I used the wood from the low deck that we tore off of the house last fall and built three huge bins to hold things like wood chips, finished compost and pea gravel.
* Helped my husband with one of his projects: installed a large berm in the northwest corner of the front yard to help block the wind & road noise. We have it partially filled with some bushes, ornamental grasses, perennials & annuals. It's a HUGE berm so we still have tons of space for more plants.
* Started albums at PictureTrail.com and posted pictures of our gardens. Check out the link below.

Projects that I hope to complete in 2003 are:
* Install a stepping stone floor and a bird bath in the 8' circle that is in the center of the new flower garden.
* Add a bench and maybe a trellis (to shade the bench) next to the 8' circle in the new flower garden.
* Install a brick floor in the 7' circular sitting area in a different part of last year's flower garden.
* Make a 3' diameter "mill stone" out of concrete or hypertufa at the entrance to last year's flower garden.
* Help my husband install a field stone patio where we removed the sod last fall. (Almost every time we visit his parent's farm, we bring back a truck load of field stones. We finally have enough to install the patio.)
* Make a sidewalk (out of field stones) from the new patio to last year's flower garden.
* Install stepping stones in the lawn from the new sidewalk to the entrance to the new flower garden.
* Turn the lawn between the new sidewalk and the house into more flower gardens (of course!!!).
* Finish installing more of the privacy fence along the side road.
* Build two 3'x3' bins on the end of the huge bins for fresh compost from the yard and kitchen.
* Enjoy the rewards of all of my hard work!!!!

If you want to talk about gardening, feel free to email me. Or, if you plan to be in the central Pennsylvania area and would like to visit our gardens in person, email me ahead of time. We'd love to meet other Garden Webbers!
(Updated February 2003.)

I live in: United States

My zone is: zone 6 in PA

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