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I moved into my first new house in the spring of 2001 and have been gardening like a fiend ever since! For those of you familiar with Indy, I�m in Fountain Square (1.5 miles SE of the Circle). My house was built in the 1880s, and defined in the "eclectic folk" or possibly a plain folk victorian style. Personally, I think it looks like the typical house that all kids draw, tall and skinny (only 18 ft wide, and 45 ft long) :) My original lot was 125 x 35���--and the house next door was only 7 feet from one side, and on the other side my house was only 2 feet (!!) from the property line, thankfully with an empty lot on that side.

In the fall of 2002, I bought the empty lot next to my house (expanding to a total lot of 65x125), and had to undo all the property-line landscaping I had done in the previous year. All of those poor shrubs have finally finally forgiven me!

I���m a big proponent of native landscaping, and have made a big native prairie bed bordering the sidewalk at the front of my yard. I took down a row of weedy-trees masquerading as a hedge--and got the new prairie starts in, and put in bare-root red-twig dogwoods as the new hedge. The whole bed is about 50��� long (along the sidewalk) and started out about 3-10��� deep. I remember being a little terrified about how huge it would be in years to come.

In the spring of 2003, I also finally got the first new beds of a "formal" veggie garden. That year saw me totally buried in tomatoes and pole beans! In fall 2003, I smothered out the next section of lawn 2 new veggie beds in Spring 2004.

In 2003, I also expanded the cottage-gardeny beds around the house, started putting in a new row of mixed hedge (flowering and evergreen) as a property boundary marker along the edge of the new lot. I also put together a 3 bin composting setup out of pallets, started a little shade garden, made a little knot garden with boxwoods and lavender--filled with tulips, and put in a TINY little pond (3 gallon bucket!) and a tiny little patio. :) Oh, and I scavenged a 6ft privacy fence, which now blocks out the view of the alley, and filled in some other fencing gaps in the back yard with a reed fence.

In 2004, I made my tiny patio a little bigger with pavers supplied by freecycle.com, and managed to finish a GardenJunk project of the month with a new water feature made of a yard saled metal tub.

In the spring of 2004, I hit the motherlode in rescued shrubs from a wonderful GardenWeb pal, and gave them a new home in the property line-mixed border/hedge. I was also excited to find a new source of "interesting" free mulch--grape skins and seed left over from a local winery. Wonderfully high in nitrogen, so it���s a great fertilizer, and it���s got a nice look to it. I also had to shift some "robust" baptisia from too small foundation bed...and so was forced to really begin the prairie bed expansion..

I did come to grips with prairie expansion in 2005 and finished smothering out the turf grass. I was forced to banish the amazing--but freely reseeding--Cupplant into the alley. You can only have so many 9��� tall plants in your front yard! :) Also increased the "patio" again, with a stone/gravel new seating area & a new fire pit. Then I had another windfall of lovely woodland plants for my shade garden from a great GardenWebber.

2006 started with a bang...or rather a pit! I installed a rain garden on the big side of the yard to deal with some minor drainage issues. Unfortunately, there���s major drainage issues on the skinny (7��� wide) side yard. Since I couldn���t build up the grade on the foundation (it���s already too high and close to the siding) I needed to dig down the rest & add a french drain--a 65 foot long frech drain. Aggh! So, all of the plants from that side of the yard had to live in pots for the spring, and the excavating began. But, some fun came of these tons of excavated dirt! I built some lawn furniture, literally a sod couch! The rest of the dirt went go over to the unfenced side of the yard as a berm.

After the couch was finished, it seemed a pity not to finish of that part of the garden an ultimate relaxation "room"! There was a perfect space next to the sod couch for a pond! So, out came the shrubs & plants from that area (and they found new homes in the newly arranged side yard) to create space for the pond. After a few tries, I got the pond dug out, the liner installed, and with some scavenging--found enough rocks & pavers to edge the pond. Some swapped aquatics and (cheap) fishies finished out the pond project! It was a wonderful part of the yard, a divine lounging area!

For the next few years, I just cleaned up the rough edges of the old projects and watched the garden grow. But in the fall of 2008, we decided to put a new garage in the back yard. So lots of plants went into pots, and sadly, the sod couch had to be amputated a bit. The rest of the fall and winter saw us with a really muddy back yard.

Sadly, harsh winter took a toll on my not quite deep enough little pond. My not-so-tiny-anymore goldfish didn���t survive the winter. So the only logical conclusion was to get a deeper pond! We filled it for the first time in April 2009, and now the big projects are to finish landscaping and hardscape the back yard and all around the pond, finish up the rain barrels, rearrange the veggie bed, and remodel the sod couch. Oh, and to continue fighting the City who keeps tagging my prairie planting with ���tall grass and weeds��� violations. Whew!

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