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Here are a few things that I have in my garden....

Gladiolas-all different colors
Flowering Quince-Light orange color
Clematis-Purple double flowered
Columbine-purple/white, peach/yellow
Purple Cone Flower
Phlox-white, purple
Scotch Broom-multi-colored reds and yellows
Donkey's Tail- I don't know much about this one
Passionflower- incarnata, caerulea
Hybiscus- red blooms, light orange with red middles
Orange plant- miniature
Stella D'oro
Butterfly Bush-Purple
Wisteria Vine
Spider Plant
Mandevilla-Bright pink, dark pink called scarlett pimpernel
variegated ivy
sweet olive
african violet- purple with pink flecks
polka dotted plant
corkscrew vine- rooting some now!
stephanotis vine
pineapple plant- started from cutting and growing :)
plumeria- Abigail (named after my daughter)
morning glories- dark pink, almost purple. (have lots of seeds)
butterfly flower- blue/white
snow rose
weeping pussywillow tree
super dwarf cavendish
confederate jasmine
Manettia luteo-rubra- twining firecracker plant
pink azaleas
strawberry plants
hydrangea- Nikko Blue
vinca vine
ferns- ostrich, christmas
Catnip :)

I have a few more around here I'm suuuuure I forgot. As I have said before, I am new at this. I don't know scientific names or exact care on some plants. I do this because I love to be surrounded in beauty and have fun with my daughter, who also loves flowers.

I'm a mother to a 10 year old daughter, Abigail and to a 4 year old son, Nicholas. They are my little gardening helpers. I also have a pond that we built a couple summers ago (Home Depot special) and am always interested in learning about it's care and the plants that are in and near it.

I live in: United States

My zone is: Zone 5

First registered on September 11, 2002 .