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This will be my 2nd year of winter sowing, and I'm really looking forward to getting my jugs our there! Had a lot of success last year, and of course, know a lot more now and hope to have even more success. <p>I'm not giving up sowing inside under lights for most of my annuals though. I've had such excellent success and I find it relatively easy. I've never had a problem with damping off (I don't know if it's the climate in my basement with a fan on that is ideal) and also have not any issues with hardening off. Almost everything germinates for me and I rarely kill a seedling. I just can't give it up!!! I will try to winter sow more annuals (because you can never have enough, right?) late in the winter because so many have said that is when they have most of their success. I'll do my own experiment.....who knows, maybe next year I'll trash my indoor lights.<p>

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