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My life started in Cambridge, England. 8 years ago I moved to Houston, Texas where I married a local girl and am in the process of living happily ever after...

My wife had been interested in gardening for a long time before we met, and she has given me the bug - Suddenly, after years in the wilderness, I now can recognize seasons in Houston, where once I used to miss them entirely!

My offbeat garden interests are as follows
1 ) Bulbs - I am a true bulb bore, and hope to fill my garden up with 12 months worth of bulb activity

2 ) Citrus - Coming from England, I have an awe at seeing exotic "supermarket fruit" actually growing in my garden! Again I am in the early stages of seeing what will survive the winters and what wont...

3 ) Fragrant plants - Since I cant have lilacs (winters too mild) I am on a quest for an adequate replacement. It probably explains my continued interest in (1) or (2)

My wife (Alicia) has more mature tastes, having got over such fads years ago. Her interests are

1 ) Herbs - these are then harvested for food or home made cosmetics
2 ) Texas native plants - There are a lot, but funnily none of them help remind me of home!
3 ) Plants that attract wildlife (small mammals, birds and insects) - we live next door to a nature reserve (Terry Hershey park for those of you from Houston)
4 ) Organic gardening - We still use chemical fertilizer sometimes, but have never used any sort of insecticide.

I live in: United States

My zone is: z8B Houston

My favorite forum 1 is Bulbs.

My favorite forum 2 is Citrus.

First registered on December 31, 2002 .