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Here are the orchids I have:

10 Phal NOID's
Phal. Perfection Is 'Chen'
Phal. Ho's Green Doublemicholitz (Ho's Green Micholitz x micholitz)
Phal. Ho's Dreamy Jade 'Ho's Green Witch' (Yungho Gelb Canary x Su-An Cricket)
Phal. (Buena Jewelx Coral Isles) 'Joy No. 3'
Phal. Fantasy Musick (micro nova x equestris)
Phal. Brother Girl ' Brother'
Phal. lueddemanniana 'Elva' HCC/AOS
Phal. equestris x2
Phal. equestris (peloric) x6
Phal. fasciata
Phal. bellina
Phal. violacea var. malaysia
Phal. Chih Shiang's Stripes 'marginata'
Dtps. Sangria 'Jia-Ho' BM/JOGA
Dtps. Pixie Star 'Norman'
Phal. Penang Girl 'Ching Ruey' x2
phal. sweet memory 'cy'
phal. sweet memory 'joy's alba'
phal. orchid world 'krull-smith'
phal. buena jewel 'alba'
phal. tetrapsis 'C#1'
phal. joy spring canary 'nancy' hcc/aos
phal. chang maw evergreen 'u-bix'
Phal. Nobby's Fox 'Super Star'

Pescatorea lehmannii
Pescatorea wallisii

Iwan. appleblossom 'golden elf'
Iwan. appleblossom (pink variety)
catt noid's

D. Copper Queen
D. Lorrie Mortimer
D. Amethystoglossum
D. Haleahi Stripes

Cymb. Pipeta
Slc. Tutankamen 'Pop'

onc. sherry baby
onc. NOID

I live in: United States

My zone is: z9 Houston TX

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First registered on February 24, 2005 .