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Welcome to my GardenWeb Page! I am new to the forums, so sorry about the rambling.

I have recently moved into my new home in San Antonio in the past few months. I am planning out my gardens (and the whole yard for that matter) to get them back up to par. The only real things I have in the yard at the moment is a 3 foot tall Meyer Lemon Tree that I just planted the week I moved in. Therefore I do not have any trades this year.

I have a number of wants on my trade list. Please check it out, I would be grateful!! I have a culinary degree, but I am an Accountant by trade (long story). So vegetables, fruits, herbs, and edible flowers are my favorite things.

I have giant plans for the transformation of my yard over the next year, but my short term winter season goals are: install a rainwater harvest system on my home’s rain gutters, build out the large vegetable garden raised beds (with a gate, as my dog likes to eat green tomatoes right off the plant), and the clean out the three foot high, railroad tie beds the surround my back patio for the large herb garden.

I also have tree plans, and even a small arbor that I hope to develop in the early spring.

Sorry fore the rambling, please feel free to email me, if you have some extra seeds, cuttings, or whatever to help me out with my endeavor. I would be ever so grateful. I will post pictures as the plan develops!


I live in: United States

My zone is: 8 (almost 9)

First registered on October 26, 2008 .